A.I. for Humanity

Ethical concern : it seems obvious that artificial intelligence will soon give a cognitive and therefore technological advantage to those who will master it. This great power will come with …


Assertiveness is a new definition of strength, compatible with the expression of individual creativity, and which will therefore maximize overall collective performance. #AssertiveIsTheNewStrong


L’assertivité est une nouvelle définition de la force, compatible avec l’expression de la créativité de chacun.e, et qui maximisera par conséquent la performance collective globale. #AssertiveIsTheNewStrong


Any feedback can be transformed into insightful data through a good old conversation. Gilles Pavan – Adaequa’s « why » .

NLP use-cases

Source : https://towardsdatascience.com/gpt-3-demos-use-cases-implications-77f86e540dc1